We all know the famous Canibus line, “The greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th”. Today marks sixteen years since the tragic death of The Notorious B.I.G. His legacy still lives on through his music, and his lovely children. Biggie showed a lot of love to D.C. Here are a few of his lines that reference the area:

“May see me in DC, at Howard Homecoming. With my man Capone gumming, fukking something…” – Kick in the Door

You can’t go a single Howard Homecoming season without hearing DJs bring this line back.

“I put hoes in NY on to DKNY. Miami, DC, prefer Versace…” – Hypnotized

This line always had me scratching my head as a teen. Why? Because I didn’t see many people in DC wearing Versace. Haha.

“Now I got my pants draggin, in the Benz wagon. Raggin sippin D.P. on my way to DC…” – Big Poppa Remix

You have to wonder if Biggie had a special lady friend down here that kept him coming back to the city.

“They heard about the pounds you got down in Georgetown. Now they heard you got half of Virginia locked down…” – Warning

Christopher Wallace was moving weight to Hoyas?! Is John Thompson aware of this?? Did he have to keep Biggie away like he had to keep Rayful away?? Just some crazy thoughts I have. haha.

“A lime to lemon, my DC women. Bringing in 2G minimums to condominiums with elevators in them…” – You Can’t Stop the Reign

“You knew about me. The fake ID. Cases in Virginia. Body in DC…” – Get Money

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