Gather around kiddies, I have a quick story to tell:
About a year ago when I DJd on The Cuban Cigar Smoker & Friends Show at Listen Vision, I met a skinny kid named Visto. So skinny, that he can hula hoop through the eye of a needle. There was a segment on the show where we played unsigned artists and critiqued their music. Visto was a part of the show, and decided to see what his fellow co-hosts thought of one of his songs. The result: It was trash. He took everyone’s advice though, and I could see that he was eager to get better and perfect his craft.

Fast forward to last week. I’m at Studio 202 for an event. My homie Q is telling me about a song he engineered that’s good, yet risque’. He plays the song for me. Wow. This song is nice! The hook comes on. Hahahaha! It caught me off guard, but it fits. Q shows me the artwork for the single: OMFG!!! It’s Visto!!! This dude has come a long fukking way from the trash single he played me a year ago!!

The End. For my story at least. For Visto, it’s just the beginning. Enjoy: