With Twitter becoming a premier social network, Articulate decided to take advantage of this world of hash-tags and retweets with his new mixtape: #musicmonday (please RT) the mixtape. Consisting of recent songs and a few new exclusives, Articulate’s #musicmonday (please RT) the mixtape displays the wide range of his lyrical and songwriting prowess. With features including notable talent such as Wordsmith, Black Knight, Pendragon, Bex, Rickie Jacobs, and sage Bravo, and a well balanced selection of instrumentals as well as production from Nastay Traxxx, Krazyfingaz, and Strada, #musicmonday (please RT) the mixtape is a must listen for those familar with and those who need to get familar with Baltimore’s brightest rising star, Articulate.

Download after the jump.


1. Music Monday
2. Dopeman
3. Still Fly
4. Bmore Chillin
5. Articulate Speaks 1
6. Sleeping (ft. Rickie Jacobs)
8. Untouched (ft. Sage Bravo)
9. Rising to the Top
10. Used to Write Love Songs
11. Short & Sweet (ft. Pendragon) (prod. Nastay Traxxx)
12. Articulate Speaks 2
13. Motion Poetry
14. They Keep Tellin Me (ft. Bex) (prod. Krazyfingaz)
15. The New Street Kings (ft Articulate & Black Knight) (prod Strada)
16. Articulate Speaks 3
17. My Life

Download: Articulate – #musicmonday (please RT) The Mixtape