I know I’m late writing about this since the event took place on Tuesday night, but I was still recovering. Oh boy!! lol Can we say a nice flow of Nuvo, Henieken, vodka, and more!! lol Shout out to Robin of Lyon Entertainment/Studio 43 for serving me up. And shout out to Kenny Burns too for overflowing my cup. lol He’s a good dude.

The woman of the hour was Barbie Bibiana though. You can check out some of her work on the homie Judah’s blog in my Blog Roll. She is an amazing photographer. Outstanding work. There were a lot of great pieces by other artists as well that caught my eye, and the eyes of others in the place. My pockets are on Young Jeezy album title status right now, so I had to admire and wish. lol

The event was held at Art Whino at the National Harbor. It was my first time at the National Harbor, and I’m amazed. I wonder how long they will keep the hood out. Hmmm. The decor of Art Whino had me feeling like I was in a Georgetown shop. Am I really in Oxon Hill right now? lol

Back to the event…it was great to see a lot of the wonderful people in the local scene that I’m happy to call associates. My fellow Morgan State University alum DJ Lil Mic was rocking the joint. Even when the Serato was lunching out and he had to switch to Cue It. Dude maintained his cool like a true DJ should. Shout out to his XM cohort and my homegirl DJ Nina 9 in the place as well. Ah man, I guess I should start naming people or they will beat me up. lol Ummm…much love out to Tabi Bonney. One of the most humble dudes in the area (stop hating and take notes). Raheem Devaughn was in the place. Of course my lil brother Marky was having a blast! And there were plenty of his Drive-Thru mixtapes circulating about. Much love to DJ Soundwave aka The Knockout King (lol). Pro’Verb with his furry hat. lol Oh yeah, I can’t forget Ian of Sneaker Suite for my invite to the event!! Legato Pryce in the building taking pics and getting tipsy at the same time. lol Can’t forget fellow DMV blogger and super producer Judah in the building. I found out later RatheMC was there. I would’ve loved to meet her. Or maybe I did meet her and was too tipsy to remember. lol Much love to my WPGC family that I didn’t plan on running into, but it made things more fun. 🙂

And, it was also great to meet people for the first time that I’ve only talked to online. Much love to X.O., Top Notch Teamsters, G-Two, and I know it’s A LOT more people I’m forgetting, but I admit, I was wasted by the end of the night and my mind didn’t function. lol Oh yeah, can’t forget Richard Parker!! Great to finally meet you homie!

Shout outs to the new people I had the pleasure of meeting…Leo G of XM Radio, the lovely folks holding it down with Greedy Genuis. They gave some fresh kicks to the Studio 43 family. I’m saying though, hook a sister up with a size 9!! lol But I did get hooked up with a LRG T-shirt. Thank you, Robin!! Much love to my homie Lavan on my Everday Ppple t-shirt hook up as well!!

Overall, it was a great function!! I’m really proud of my area. Some critics say all of the artists and movers and shakers in this area can’t get along. Those same critics should’ve been at Art Whino on Tuesday night. Hats off to everyone who made Tuesday a success!!!

Check out some photos courtesty of Judah: Barbie Bibiana Flix