Recently, D.C. independent film director June Daguiso went to Saint Anger of Bizzle Boy Productions and asked him to produce and head up the soundtrack for MJD Productions new movie, “Drug Related”. Drug Related was originally released as a short film but due to the warm reception it received at viewing, Mr. Daguiso decided to make it a full length film.

Considering Saint Anger had already been involved with the short version which featured his song “So Mean”, it made complete sense to give him the project. “Saint Anger has some great clarity of voice and rhythmic musical composition. His performances liven up the crowd like none other. He constantly steps up to the plate delivering quality recordings. “So Mean” is lyrically stunning and has a great narrative quality behind it. No doubt, Bizzle Boy can be as big as they come. It’s just a matter of time before they become big stars in the music industry.”

June Daguiso is no stranger to musical recognition. His 2007’s high action movie “Full Cirlce” is receiving 4 Grammy nods for its sound track this year. Nods include: Best song of the year, best soundtrack compilations for the motion picture, song of the year and best hip-hop performance. Although Saint Anger is known for his cockiness, he was speechless when June Daguiso approached him about the sound track.

He recently had this to say: “Honestly, as a hip hop artist, you dream of having a song in a movie. That is amazing by itself, but to be tapped to deliver a soundtrack. On this level of my career its unbelievable!” Right now you can find Saint Anger in Bizzle Boy Studio’s working on his “Killa Beast” EP with super producer Cubz of Cubz Productions.

However, he has already approached D.C. native Prinze Naseem and Southeast Texas very own Young CraticGuerra XL will be there every step of the way. “I like these guys swagger, style and their thought process. to work on the project with him. Of course Bizzle Boy’s new fly boy

I think we can do something beautiful for this sound track and hopefully all of us can be at the Grammy’s in 2010 toasting June Daguiso’s vision.”

Look for the Drug Related movie and soundtrack fall/winter of 2009. Soundtrack will be Exec. Produced by E.R. for Bizzle Boy Productions,LLC.