I haven’t been through the Trinidad neighborhood in a good while, but I didn’t know that they have a high Blood population there. This article is from today’s Post:

West Coast Gangs Are Making Inroads
Bloods, Crips Tied To Area Crimes

By Avis Thomas-Lester
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, August 29, 2008; Page B01

The emergence of Bloods and Crips, gangs that originated on the West Coast and are establishing themselves in the Washington area, has contributed to several homicides in Prince George’s County this year and has become a growing concern in the District, law enforcement officials said.

Bloods, and to a lesser degree their rival Crips, are suspects in several crimes in a wide swath from Prince William County to Baltimore. “We are seeing their numbers growing right now,” said Capt. Bill Lynn, commander of the Prince George’s police gang unit. “The Crips and Bloods are the focus for law enforcement now, not only here but around the region, because of the violence they perpetrate.”

In the District’s Trinidad neighborhood, which had a spate of violence this summer, young people are wearing the Bloods’ colors, flashing the gang’s hand signs and selling drugs near a community recreation center, authorities said. Police said they have not tied Bloods to any homicides in the Northeast neighborhood.

In Montgomery County, authorities linked a shooting and three stabbings near the Shady Grove Metro station in November to a feud between Bloods and Crips; two men have been convicted in the case. And in Baltimore, a federal grand jury in February indicted 28 members of a gang called the Tree Top Piru Bloods on charges including murder, robbery, drug trafficking and witness intimidation.

In Prince William, two members of a Bloods “set,” or group, were convicted last year on a gang statute after breaking into a police officer’s house to steal guns and attacking his girlfriend.

“We’ve started seeing more and more signs of the Crips and Bloods — more Bloods than Crips,” said D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier, speaking about the gang problem. “We are seeing a growing presence in the graffiti, the clothing, the symbols.”

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