My Grind: Lyriciss (Part 2)

Posted in Featured,My Grind on 02/01/10

lyricissBack for the first time…ok, ok, it’s really the second time, but ever since Luda dropped his second album (his first was the independent and rare “Incognegro”, for those that aren’t quite in-the-know on that one), I’ve wanted to use that phrase. So as I return to conclude my chapter in this series, I have to tell you…my grind is what has actually been keeping me from getting this article done. Heat can tell you, you were all supposed to see this a week ago, but thanks to a Gmail conspiracy that I’m sure the ancient Templars planned centuries ago, I lost the article in my drafts. Not to mention, I’ve been busy all week with the recent release of my new mixtape, The Practice. So now…the conclusion of none other than…my grind…not literally though…I’m going to be here for a while…

Now as an artist releasing a new project, we all know the possibility of everything going…well…wrong. It’s happened and we’ve seen it…Lil Wayne releasing his Rebirth album early through Amazon (who would spend money on that album, I have no idea, but…whatever)…Wale being undershipped by Interscope…you know how it goes. Luckily, things weren’t too bad in my case…minus a small change on the front cover and placing the bulk of online distribution upon myself since me and my PR decided to part ways in business. (more…)

New Segment: My Grind-Lyriciss

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Every month, I’m going to reach out to an artist to chronicle their music hustle and grind.  For the January highlight, I reached out to Lyriciss. To be so young, the lil homie has been through a lot and recently moved out the DMV. So without further ado, here is Lyriciss letting you know about his musical grind.


Hello, world…DMV, Philly, NYC, and beyond. Big sis DJ Heat hit me up with the idea of putting together somewhat of a diary to speak on “grind”. At first, I thought it’d be the easiest thing in the world, but as I sit here ready to type it up…I realized how complex this can be. Let’s be honest…everyone says they’re grinding. When it boils down to it, though, not many are grinding to their full potential, I feel. I don’t feel like that’s for lack of drive, but maybe lack of knowledge on how to do so effectively. I’m in no way perfect with it either…as you can see, I’m not TOO much deeper into the game than most of my DMV brethren. It’s all about being effective with it though…what makes your grind different than others? What’s going to get that UNIQUE eye and ear to you, rather than the same fan base you already have established? What’s going to pull new fans? So for example that some can choose to follow, let me invite you to the life of Lyriciss…


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