Washington DC based clothing line, Clockwise Clothing wants to express our condolences through our label and make great tribute to Michael Jackson with the release of our “King of Pop” Shirt.

Proceeds will be going to The Childrens Defense Fund. We figured MJ would like this charity, since he has donated thousands of dollars to them before.

Praise this…Michael Jackson is by far possibly the best contribution to pop culture and music as a whole, EVER. He will be forever immortalized for his world-famous, trademark dance moves and chart-topping success, and was arguably one of the most popular recording artists of all time.

We all grew up with the groundbreaking sounds and visuals of Michael Jackson. When Michael Jackson is remembered in the future, it will be for the music, and his ability to touch the heart and soul of anyone that listened to him. This was WHO we listened to and danced to as kids.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Jackson sold more than 750 million albums. This year, he sold out a remarkable 50 nights at London’s O2 arena. Today (as we speak), 30% of the world’s TWEETS on Twitter are subject to Jackson.

He made history. It is, sadly, a history that feels like perhaps there were still chapters left to be written. Still, he left us an amazing catalog of musical memories and cultural contributions any other artist would have to go a long way to beat.

The tee is available for pre-order, here. or at