Well deserved!!

Peace and U-n-I versal Oneness,

We at Mental Salvation Radio are Proud to announce that we have won the Online Hiphop Award for 2008 “Podcast of the Year”. We are deeply honored that supporters such as yourself took the time out of your busy day to go vote on www.onlinehiphopawards.com on the daily basis. I, Enoch 7th Prophet didn’t know the votes were in and a winner was accounted for. On that day I had several software issues on my blackberry and couldn’t receive any text message,emails or phone calls. As many of you already know I co-host w/Caribgem on W.O.W “Enlightenment” Radio. I couldn’t call-in to do my co-hosting thing because of my damn phone issues. To make a long story short, I was informed LIVE on the air by DJ Earth 1ne, Caribgem, Dymon J and E “The RnB Hiphop Rockstar” that Mental Salvation Radio had WON PODCAST OF THE YEAR AWARD!!!!! I was shocked!!!!! So thank you from the bottom of my soul for alllll the votes and love!!!!! I give thanks to The Most High Creator and Creatress for supplying me with the energy to speak the truth to the masses that are lost and need direction! I give thanks for surrounding me with a Super High Science Staff: InternDivine, Dymon J and DJ Earth 1ne and the many supporters, listeners (live and Archive) artist and, Keep It Forward Records. This PODCAST AWARD is for the People who need, seek and share common goals in supplying FOOD for Thought and not just wasting your time on dumbed down topics and music. Special Shout goes to: Mecca Simone for telling me I should have a outlet such as Mental Salvation Radio (now I can add this to my Time Line J) and April Sims for giving me the good information on how to start my own Blog talk Radio show (which was in Year ago).
Please continue to support Mental Salvation Radio www.blogtalkradio.com/mentalsalvation every Monday and Thursday nights @ 8pm and also The Black Ant Movement every 1st and last Monday of the each Month.

Mentalnote: Give Thanks to Dad,Mom and Grandma they knew the time!!!
Mentalnote: Big up to the bloggers: DJ Heat dcmumbosauce.blogspot.com and “E” the Rnb Hiphop Rockstar www.thekartelnetwork.com

The Host for the People,
Enoch 7th Prophet