Sheezy sent me the first video. He felt like it would make a good blog post. The bottom video is Diddy’s elaboration on the first one. I’ve commented on this on another site. I see where he is coming from. As a DJ, it’s a catch 22. If you’re DJing a “regular” club night, like at a Love or an Ibiza and clubs along those lines, it is very hard to break a new record. The patrons at those clubs come out to hear the familiar hits that make them move and feel good. When you throw on an unfamiliar track, bodies stop moving, the floor clears, and as a party DJ, you never want to do that. Diddy lost his mind in the 2nd video talking about take a risk in clearing the floor. Sorry bruh. Taking a risk on clearing the floor is taking a risk on my money. You have millions of dollars. I don’t.

Now, when I DJ at hip-hop spots like Haydee’s and Rose’s Dream when I had Mondays there, that’s where I would “take the risks” as Diddy would say. I look forward to DJing at spots like that, cuz I can play the joints you don’t hear all day on the radio or video.

I’m sure some of my other DJ counterparts can feel me. I’m interested on how ya’ll feel do. As a DJ, it’s interesting to see what ya’ll think about this.