Da Alliance Movement: Volume 1 has now been released! Founded by DJ Lady Blaze & Na’Tee in August 2009, “Da Alliance” Movement is compiled of talented female producers, singers, & rappers. It’s been said that female musicians are not as good as male artists. That is where we have come to prove you wrong. We can be just as good if not better than male artists. The typical stereotype that females cannot hold their own in a male dominated industry is quite foolish. Never before has there been a movement like “Da Alliance”. We are not only compiled of female rappers, but also singers and producers. We as different musicians all need an outlet to showcase our many talents. Our aim is to bring all female musicians together to promote undeniable talent coming from a female perspective. Sure there have been many movements that attempt to promote females, but many have failed to operate on a consistent basis.

Download: Da Alliance Movement