Inspired by Capcom’s New Video Game & Movie Release “Street Fighter” PCutta hopes to spark some controversy in the hip hop & mixtape game with his latest release. For those who tend to shy away from aggressive hip hop, P Cutta wants to remind you that hip hop was built on competition and the competitive nature of hip hop should be embraced since it is its foundation. “It is not practical to think every battle is going to end up in tragedy their not, I need people to understand & respect underground hip hop as it is a big part of hip hop because that popcorn sh*t you hear on the radio is wack and doesn’t define the struggle of a generation in a recession, “ P said. The streets of New York set the stage for the latest lyrical scuffle. Queen’s Rapper “50 Cent” exchanges bars with Miami Boss “Rick Ross” in an ongoing conflict, and 50 is trying hard to end Ross’s career. Once again Joe Budden is feuding with Saigon for what reason, listen and see. Even Bow Wow engages in some sparring rift with rapper & producer Soulja Boy. And the new comer, New York’s own “Five” from Stone World Music is set to feature with DJ P Cutta and provide his own opinions & comments about the drama between these artists. He introduces his Goon Regime squad and addresses some beef of his own. It’s a perfect fit says P Cutta, I have relationships with a lot of industry heavyweights as well as established artists so I usually don’t let new artists host Street Wars, but I’ve seen Five’s movement in the streets first hand and one of a DJ’s jobs is to support new blood so I reached out ”. The streets are eagerly awaiting the DJ’s 22nd installment of the famed Street Wars collection, beef, battles & drama.


1. DJ Pcutta Ft Five – Street Wars Intro

2. Five – The Thrown Rmx (Street War Exclusive)

3. Interlude (Starring Rick Ross as “E. Honda”)

4. Rick Ross – Mafia Music (Dissin 50 Cent, T.I., Shawty Lo)

5. Rick Ross – Interview on Shade 45 (Dissin 50 Cent)

6. Interlude (Starring 50 Cent as “Lord Bison”)

7. 50 Cent – Try Me (Officer Ricky) (Dissin Rick Ross, DJ Khaled)

8. 50 Cent – Interview on Shade 45 (Dissin Lil Wayne)

9. Interlude (Starring Lil Wayne as “Blanka”)

10. Lil Wayne – Animal (Dissin 50 Cent)

11. 50 Cent Ft Five – Play This On The Radio Rmx (Dissin Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Oprah)

12. 50 Cent Speaks vs Lil Wayne

13. Five + Kash Ft. Goon Regime – Shoot It Out (Streetwars Exclusive)

14. Rick Ross – Kiss My Pinky Ring (Dissin 50 Cent)

15. Ed Lover (NY 105.1) Speaks vs Rick Ross

16. 50 Cent – Tia Told Me (Dissin Rick Ross)

17. Rick Ross – Push Em Over The Edge (Dissin 50 Cent)

18. Rick Ross Interview on Hot 97 w/ Ms Info (Dissin Rick Ross)

19. 50 Cent Ft Gunit – I’ll Be The Shooter (Dissin Rick Ross)

20. 50 Cent Poem “Psychic Told Me” (Dissin DJ Khaled)

21. Illanoise – Bang Wit A Nigga (Rooftop Exclusive)

22. Five Ft Hell Rell – We Don’t Believe You (Streetwars Exclusive)

23. Five Speaks vs Internet & Wack DJs

24. I AM (BSV) – Maxi Pad (Dissin Max B)

25. Jay-Z – He Asked For It (Dissin DJ Khaled)

26. Lil Wayne – So Fly (Dissin Jay-Z)

27. Wink (Gangsta Crip) – The Year Of The Eight (Dissin Red Café)

28. Interlude (Starring Joe Budden as “Ken”)

29. Joe Budden – Pain In His Life(Dissin Saigon)

30. Interlude (Starring Saigon as “Ryu”)

31. Saigon – Pushing Buddens (Dissin Joe Buddens)

32. Five Speaks vs Saigon

33. Five – Stay In Your Lane (Dissin Saigon)

34. Goon Regime – Brooklyn (Streetwars Exclusive)

35. Bow Wow Speaks vs Soulja Boy

36. Soulja Boy – Fuck Bow Wow (Dissin Bow Wow)

37. Soulja Boy Speaks vs Bow Wow

38. Goon Regime – Internet Gangsters (Streetwars Exclusive)

39. Calcutta – Get It All (DMV Exclusive)

40. Street Wars Outro

Download: DJ P Cutta-Street Wars 22