For some weeks now, I’ve seen and heard how some local artists have felt about the push of DJ Quicksilva’s “Where They Do That At” on his station, and how he’s pushing it across the country. The main consensus among the artists is this: “I wish the station/DJ would push local artists as much as they pushing that joint” and “How the station gonna keep pushing a joint from someone that works there, but not from local artists coming up?” And then yesterday there was a post by Judah on FTDMVO.

Anytime something creates a big buzz in the area among the artists, I try my best to get the details to help ya’ll understand what’s going on. (Heck, I do have a REAL journalistic background. I got bylines lol). So I reached out to DJ Quicksilva yesterday, a man I’ve known for years and used to work alongside, and asked him to speak on how the DMV artists are feeling. Here is what he said….

1st off let me shoutout to All the artist in DC and Bmore that’s creating their OWN movement and not just making a record in the studio and thinking Radio should play this because its a Hit. So in no particular order Shout out Kingpin Slim, South East Slim ,Gerredi, XO, Tabi, Wale, Phil ADe, The Co Op, LikeBlood, Vusi ,Mully Man, Bossman, 100 grand, Los, Skar, Smash, Midi East, Target Squad, Luegar, Nu the mayor, Don Juan, black diamond I could go on but these are just some of the artist that I see pushing there own movement and NOT waiting on anybody or any radio station to make them a star.

Now on to my song where they do that .1st off I made the song in fun and had no idea it would be getting the response is getting not just in the Dmv but across the entire country. it was just me in the studio writing down things I see all the time in the club and in everyday passing. Now if you follow the song you’ll see Radio never made this song. It started on Twitter. So for all you rappers reading this get your pens out and take Notes on how to create your own movement. once the song was done, 1st thing I did was put it on my twitter page and within 2 days I had over 10 thousand downloads on the song which told me I might be on to something. so then I started noticing that every day I had close to 100 re tweets on the record of people I didn’t even know. Which is point #2: just because u make a record and all your YES men in your circle tell u its a Hit doesn’t mean its really a Hit. So to point #3: once the downloads started picking up and the re tweets started picking up, I then started my own campaign for the song on twitter and made it my business to create a serious buzz on twitter. Point #4: I then started to do the same thing on Facebook. Just took the same steps. I posted the song on my page and also started posting it on other ppls page and asked for feedback. The feedback from everybody including rappers was great. Point #5, and I hope u hating rappers are taking notes: Once I had a movement on twitter and facebook I then created a YouTube video for the record. Why? Because I know that Youtube, facebook and Twitter are the #1 social networking sites. Once the youtube video was done I then started twitting and sending facebook messages about the video on you tube. All this took place within 1 week of the record being out. Which leads me to point #6: I now have a story about the record and still haven’t even played it on radio yet .Just because u rap and u say I have a movement doesn’t mean u really have a movement. Now at this point once I had close to 20k downloads on the song, thousands of you tube hits,and a REAL “where they do that at” movement on twitter and facebook, we started getting calls to radio station of people asking why am I not playing my song on the radio. Why? Because they all knew it from the social networking sites.- then showed my Boss the REAL request which leads to point #7: Radio stations are not dumb. They know the difference between real and fake requests. Fake being you and your homeboys calling every day 100 times a day saying play my song.I then started playing my song on radio and in the clubs. Why? Because the demand for it was there .Not only my radio stations, but stations all across the country are all on the social networking sites. So what do you think they started doing? Playing the record as well. I have over 20 station across the country playing “where they do that at”. Why? Because it was a real story behind it. Funny thing is its in rotation is Like 6 cites and but NOT in rotation on my own station or any station in the market, which shows you that I don’t control the music that we play, but the PD and the Listeners.

Too sum it all up, artists please learn the business and learn how to create a real buzz for yourself and STOP complaing that radio don’t support you. Radio only plays HIT records that real people are requesting, not just because u made a song and all your family and friends said its a HIT. Use the social networking sites and blog sites for what they are and stop using them just to complain that you’re not getting any love. Look at Soulja Boy. He’s a artist who got signed because he was #1 on youtube NOT radio. “Where they do that at” was Made and Broken on Social Netwotking Sites, NOT RADIO. So I hope you’ll learned something from this and Notice how even though a couple rappers are hating on the record I’m still being positive and trying to offer knowledge rather than attack them for not knowing the game. When all you do is complain and be negative, you’ll always get negative results. So in closing shoutout to all the artist that have already followed this blue print and are getting radio play because there are some local indepeneant that are Not signed to major labels getting play on radio. Why? Because they are really out there pushing and NOT wasting time complaining. Now that I’m done with that, back on to the “Where They Do That At Movement”. PAY ATTENTION!!! Ps the remix is coming soon featuring some real rappers. Why? Because like I say in the intro “I am NOT a rapper I’m a DJ” and “A Dj aint suppose to have a Hit rap song” But I do. You can hate if you want but you can’t deny a HIT. I’m done hope you learned something

Also, thanks to all the rappers that came out to get a cameo in the real video which is coming soon. I put every rapper in DC and Bmore that showed up, which was almost all of the ones really working in the streets for a cameo. Why? Because I’m trying to help all the artist in the DMV and Bmore shine. This movement is bigger than me. Its about trying to put on a whole Region.

Last point and I’m done. Rappers, start supporting each other and stop hating because somebody got on before you. Example: 93.9wkys plays a local artist every tuesday at 8:30pm, and when we ask for feedback all we get is a bunch of rappers calling saying “Its wack you should have played my song”, instead of trying to give some constructive feedback.

I’m going to leave my added points about radio, building your name out until Monday. Today, it’s all about ya’ll…thoughts?