Some words from Mr. Tork:
For those that don’t know, the original purpose of Metro Rap Radio and the mixtapes was to prove a point that needed to be made (back in 2006-7): There are more than 2 talented rappers in the DC area.

Now I’m not saying the area has ACCEPTED or SUPPORTS area rappers, that day may never come. But now a lot fewer people are saying that they don’t EXIST. This point has been proven beyond reasonable doubt to the ones that doubted. If a person says they don’t LIKE area rappers, I can live with that. If in 2009 you STILL say there are only 2, you’re a hopeless idiot and a lost cause.

I’ve honestly been feeling this way since after Vol 2 (what most CONTINUE to tell me is the best one in the series). Volumes 3, 4, and now 5 have just been added nails in the coffin, basically victory laps.

While I’m going to keep it up with mixtapes, the “Metro Rap Radio” series has run its course.

Grand opening, grand closing.

1. Intro / Nando McFlyy – S.N.N. (Respect the Masterplan)
2. Magnum Dollar$ – We Make the World Go Round (freestyle)
3. J-Rich The Mixtape Prince – Fresh Pair A Nikes
4. Landova Dappa – The Notebook (The Prefect Imperfection out now)
5. Imani T. Misfit (of T.E.M.P.O. Band) – Promotion Team
6. Deron – I Got You
7. JLUCIANO aka Mr 202 – Forget ur Boyfriend (clean version)
8. ALorious – What’s Real (leak)
9. i™ feat. Ben Frank and Menace – That good
10. Whitefolkz – Like a Million
11. Relentlezz Dre feat JT – Ricky (Dissing Rick Rude aka Ravishing Razor Ramon)
12. The Team Uncut – Come and Git Me
13. De’Hitmen – City Streets
14. J-Will – Breathe ft 113 (exclusive leak)
15. Felon feat. El Rey (of Dymond City) – Dear Lord
16. J-Czar – I Go
17. Shif-T Feat 20 Bello, Loonatyk, Multiple Man – Massacre Style pt 2 (CLASSIC Throwback!)
18. BONUS: Judah feat RAtheMC – 2008 DMV Rap Up

Download/Listen: DJ Torkaveli-Metro Rap Radio 5