It’s approaching  six years since I first started During those years I’ve received awards in honor of the site. I’ve received kudos and recognition from such heavy hitters as The Washington City Paper, Complex Magazine, The Washington Post, and even most recently a writer from XXL that uses my site to stay aware on what is going on in the area. I’ve received praises from all people in the industry for such a great outlet. But one thing I have NEVER received is money from an artist to post their music.

The last week or so, talk of some DMV music blogs charging artists to have their music posted as popped up a lot. I’ve seen it a lot while on Twitter. I’ve had people personally tell me about the charges. And the most mind blowing thing I’ve seen that let me know that this is really happening…I’ve seen the emails with rates listed with my own eyes. One site has rates STARTING at $100 for a post. And if you want an interview? Well, that’s $400. However, if that is not in your budget, another popular DMV music blog is charging only $50 to post your music. And there are some blogs that charge as low as $30.

What part of the game is this? Are artists really paying this amount of money from local music blogs that brag about how they “support” local artists? I even had to ask myself if I am doing something wrong. Here I am posting music for FREE. Doing interviews for FREE. And setting up my Twitter feeds for the posts for FREE. All the while, these new age cats are pocketing money in return for “SUPPORT”.

They got the game all messed up. Genuine support does not come with a price. I started as a breeding ground for artists to get their buzz and shine up and to support them when the major music blogs were not. Because let’s be honest, the major music blogs get probably close to thousands of emails a day. So it can be difficult to get to and post them all. But one thing those major blogs don’t do is charge an artist for posts. I’ve been lucky enough to get works from artists and myself posted on major sites such as RapRadar,, 2DopeBoyz, and NahRight among others. Did those sites ask me for a single dime? No, they did not. They posted my submissions because they support good music. It’s not a bout the dollar. The real money making in blogging comes from advertising. If your site is really pulling in the hits and traffic that you talk about, then there is no need to charge people for posts. You charge people for ADVERTISING!!! may not pull in the traffic like some of these other blogs, but I get enough to receive a nice little Google advertising check every few months. There is no need to tell a artist that they will have to line my pockets for a blog post. If a blog was really doing it big, their advertising would be keeping their pockets phat. Not rappers that have no clue that their paying for support will not go as far as genuine support will.

Integrity. I pride myself on it so much. The thought of taking money to show love to good music makes me feel dirty. I would feel so filthy if I asked for someone to pay me for liking their music. I would feel like a whore if I told someone that they would have to pay me to interview them. Have you other bloggers no shame? What you don’t have is the integrity and the genuine interest in this DMV music scene at heart. I have been actively involved in this music scene since 1997 when some of you were in Underoos and watching Rugrats on Nickelodeon. I have seen this DMV music culture evolve and grow so much since then. But you new cats charging people for posts and interviews and tweets…you’re setting it all back. This DMV scene has reached a point where the artists have actual fans and are influencing the world. I remember back in my day when people laughed at anyone in the area that wanted to become a rapper. Now we have local artists on magazine covers and getting named as influences by other major artists. And here you lie. The greedy blogger that doesn’t care about the culture, yet you claim that you do. Real major blogs that care about the culture don’t take checks for blog posts. And neither should local blogs as well. A blog post is not worth your soul. But then again, I guess you new age bloggers don’t have a soul, because you’re just as bad as the devil himself by disrespecting the culture and the DMV music scene by charging these up and comers for your fake support. Devils in disguise. Enjoy that check. My integrity and genuine support is worth more than any dead president.