Note to your readers:

Heat said the whole world is listening now, so I couldn’t miss an opportunity to get some international shine. Konichiwa!

The name of the track is “Point Em Out”. This one is dedicated to those who choose to spend their time tearing others down instead of building them up.. like Torkaveli lol

The song is available on itunes by searching “drewdude” in the artist field. If you like what you hear, it would be much appreciated if you supported the cause with a $.99 purchase. Help me pay my mortgage this month!

Also, I jumped on the twitter bandwagon late and need to play catch up: twitter.com/drewthatdude — I need everybody to go ahead and click that follow button (you too Heat)!

Feel free to email, tweet, facebook and/or myspace to let me know how you feel about the song. All feedback welcomed, good or bad: