Yes, you’ve seen this video around before. But I owe him, and here is what he De-U.c.e Double had to say:

This is some of that snowball effect I was speaking of earlier. First you played this song on Home Jams, then E did it live on Comcast’s CTV with The Epitome Band, then it was featured on DNA & DJ Drama’s gangsta grillz mixtape, then it played on XM, now I present to you the video directed by myself & E One Letter…”Go Get It Boy”…lol!!! Seriously though I’m sure you’ve seen this on the blog’s or Youtube or something so don’t think I’m trying 2 dump all of our old posts on U’re blog like it’s some exclusive new shit or something. We reposted the video on Youtube at a higher quality(still don’t look as good as the DVD). Expect the unexpected musically from E One Letter & myself in the 1st quarter of 09.