Enoch’s story behind the track:

The Words of this emotional song was written in 2000. Let me set the mood of the song that you are about to hear. I must take you through the writing process. In the summer of 2000 a day before I graduated from Voorhees College. I received this wonderful email from one of my dearest friends. We graduated high school together in 1992. We remained
connected during my freshmen year in college but lost connection as the years went by. When I arrived back home. We hooked up for lunch and had long conversations about life, high school, spirituality and family.During our verbal volleyball, she told me a story that gave me chills,and made me angry at the same time. She told me that she got married and had three more wonderful children (Queen, Divine, B’Asia and Akir). Her first born I already knew about and had pictures of her on mydesk back in school. She began to explain how she was going through a messy separation, divorce, adoption and ex-husband was in jail. She even told me about being apart of an abusive marriage. In December 1999 she lost her oldest son Divine Elijah Muhammad (July 11,1995-December 18,1999) due to domestic violence. His very own father killed him.

AfterLife got recorded in 2008. I had plan to record a few songs that day, but couldn’t get pass the emotional energy this song had me stuck on with each rhyme and each word I spoke I got chills. It puts me on a different plane of life. If you close ya eyes and hear the words of the hook you may feel what I felt and still feel.


Yasu- this young sister is a gifted singer and song writer.
I spoke with her over the phone and told her the concept.
She wrote her (hook#1) and the rest is history. Yasu hails from Ohio.

Lucille Stevenson- My mom song (hook #2) she too is an gift and blessing
from the Most High. My mom is known in the Gospel Community she as song
with: Linda Gore and the Gospel Spritualettes, Johnny Gill and The
Angels of Faith and countless others. My mom has never song over a
Hiphop Track. She song the hook and nailed it the first time and the
rest is History.

Enoch 7th Prophet- I wrote the 2nd Hook plus sang the hook on the
record with my mom. So yes that’s me singing on the record.

King Cee- the dopest producer in the Washington, DC area. He produced
the entire “Data Frequency” Album. The only person I know who sold
500,000 copies. Yes, do your research on King Cee aka Bolo Gah of “The

Listen: Enoch 7th Prophet-Afterlife