Alright i’ve been hearing da flack about my picture wit da pink background from these testosteronic wankstas like “u can count him out”. For one it’s a recession, so finding the money to invest in something that isn’t a priority is foolish. On the pink background, here’s some clarity on dat. I never ever took a picture wit a pink background. On my mama, that background was beige and somehow when da picture came out and came to me, somewhere along the delivery, the background got pink. Although I was disappointed, the photoshoot was free, so I wasn’t pressed on it like “my picture will make me or break me”. Anytime a man tries to judge anova man off a picture is straight homo young and i got alot of wankstas that did that and if you wanna get cho street playa card back then leave the judging of anova man’s picture for the ladies. A woman should do that judging and the sight of me seeing a woman and her beauty young was the motivation that made me
improvise what i got without dropping a dime. But I had to say dat to protect my rep from youngins tryna pull my card ya mean but here’s two mixtape jonks for yall:

“Eyshaw Wit It Girl”
Eyshaw Wit It Girl