What would you call a mixtape featuring two hungry, up & coming artists who strive for perfection in everything that they do?
Meet: Fuze B {New Jersey} & Mark Milly {Baltimore}
Don’t forget to add the @’s in front of their names because this mixtape was inspired by the great social networking community of “Twitter”… so follow up!
These 2 “artists” were introduced to each other through twitter a little less than a year ago and since then it’s been collab after collab after collab!
So why not drop a mixtape, together?!
But! This isn’t just any mixtape… and don’t think of them as a ‘duo’ just yet.
Because they only have two songs together throughout this whole entire project!
You may ask why (?!) Well, simply because the title is..
Ya’ll do the math & pick a winner!
1. Start
2. For The Haters (snippet) – Mark Milly
3. Ransom Flow – Fuze B
4. Know What I’m About – Mark Milly
5. If You Got A Problem – Fuze B
6. Let The Guitar Play – Mark Milly
7. Have My Money Right – Fuze B
8. In Real Life – Mark Milly
9. Toss Ya Emotions – Fuze B
10. First Day Of Life – Mark Milly
11. I’m The One – Fuze B
12. Do The Milly Milly (snippet) – Mark Milly
13. Maybe I Am – Fuze B
14. Pussy Killz [Interlude] – Mark Milly
15. Every Fake Girl – Fuze B
16. Finish