Everything I should’ve posted last week, but got super busy. Shout out to all my fellow bloggers out there such as Judah, Dylan, Modi, and Major. Maybe I should be like ya’ll, and get a staff. lol

www.studio43.com OFFICIAL WEBSITE LAUNCH!!! from Marky on Vimeo.

Pro’Verb f Lyriciss-The Rapture

Studio43.com Now up and running!

The Package, “Making Waves” from Spirit Equality on Vimeo.

Benji-Hide Ur Beats 4

Wale and Judah have a track on the new Saint’s Row 2 video game. It’s called “Ridin in That Black Joint”. If you don’t play games, go to a Best Buy that has the demo out and listen to the track. lol

Judah – DistrictFresh.com – INTERVIEW from ABB VIDEO on Vimeo.

Wale f Skyzoo-5 Minutes