Times are gettting worse and it does not look like it will get better any time soon. The food banks have a food shortage. Government assistance for low income is at a ll time low. Infact its so low that families have to re-certify every 30 days. State Governments are telling workers to take unpaid days off. Restaurant chains are closing. How many people do yo know recently took a pay cut in order to stay employed or worse, was laid off completely? There are not enough mentors to work with the young boys and girls in our communities.

Please help us to help your community by forwarding this email: info@djflava.com to everyone. We want to compile a list of non profit organizations together that have services for the communites of Prince Georges County, Md, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. In addition to the list we would like to promote the evnts of the non-profit organizations. This is to help increase the visibilty of those that are helping our communities in this time of crisis.

If each one helps one, then no one should fall to the waiste side.