After several months of receiving freestyle submissions from emcees located around the world, the Amber Rose Instrumental(s) freestyle project is fully dressed, putting words to the now infamous playland of music from JUDAH, the producer whose “beats sounds so…..”

When Love Leaves (Produced By Judah)
Tabi Bonney / Greenspan
02.) Special Guest
03.) Feevaleo
04.) Vega Teknique
05.) Rewind
06.) Jungle Ship
Rose’ For Amber (Produced By Judah)
07.) Suff Shakur
08.) Vega Teknique
09.) Tanny
10.) Broadway Miller
11.) Dominique Larue
12.) Singing This
13.) Chick Flicks (No Homo)
Slowly, Surely (Produced By Judah)
14.) Mac Marz
15.) Closure
16.) Special Guest
Unconditional Love (Produced By Judah)
17.) Feevaleo
18.) Barrell House
19.) Special Guest
20.) Change Ups
Love Therapy (Produced By Judah)
21.) E-Major
22.) Special Guest
23.) Broadway Miller
24.) ICAN
25.) Breaking Up
Revenge Is Sooo Sweet (Produced By Judah)
26.) Ms. Smith
27.) Kebo
28.) Venom
29.) Zab Judah Bounce
30.) Nix
31.) Winehouse
Can’t We Do It Over (Produced By Judah)
32.) Ellion The Great
33.) Van T
34.) Coolmind Records
Dig This You Broad!!! (Produced By The Judah)
35.) BeauFonic

Download: The Amber Rose Freestyles