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OCT 30,2008
Guest: Labtekwon
Call-In # (347) 215-8421

Labtekwon (born Omar Akbar) is a hip hop artist from Baltimore, Maryland. His explanation of the name is “Lifeform Advanced Beyond Terrestrial Esoterics King Warrior Of Nubia.”
Labtekwon is the youngest son of soul singer and Harry Young, Jr., also known as “Doc Soul Stirrer”. He graduated from Douglass High School, following in the footsteps of the Baltimore group Z3MC.He soon became one of the best-known MCs in Baltimore’s underground hip-hop community, with a long string of influential albums in his Labteknology series. He was invited to Los Angeles by the Project Blowed collective to perform in 1999.In 2003, he appeared on the Baltimore City Paper “Best of Baltimore” list.

Artist Hall Of Fame Award: Labtekwon
Awarded to veteran Baltimore Artist that make the rest of us proud