Our D.C. homegirl Lola Monroe was a special guest on Baller Alert‘s podcast this week, and gave a very great an in-depth interview. The main thing that stands out is where she is spiritually and mentally, and how she has transitioned a lot from the person that we came to know. In the interview, she reveals that those changes have lead to her to shed the Lola Monroe moniker, and will now be going by her birth name of Fershgenet. This is not the first time she has moved away from a stage now. When she was making the change from modeling to rapping, she dropped the model name of Angel Lola Luv to the rap name of Lola Monroe.

And even thought she was born in Ethiopia, she still considers D.C. home and spoke on how the city influenced her. “D.C. is what molded me and played a major part in the way I look at things and certain codes and street laws and how you handle certain situations”, she says.

The entire interview is well worth listening to as Lola…er…Fershgenet talks about when we can expect new music (hint: soon!), her relationship with Los, living a vegan lifestyle, and how she is overall just a better person now.