I’m so glad I’m out of retail. lol Here’s Lyriciss’ story to go with the track, as always:

Let’s keep it real…anyone working retail or hard labor for a weak-ass check hates it. I know, because I was one of them. That being said, I’ll say off the top…every word in this song is fact. True. Non-fiction. Pick whatever word you like best. It really happened. From the annoying old women in line with out-of-date coupons to the dumb-ass parents buying rated M video games for their children then blaming ME because they didn’t make it known that they were buying the game for a child. Made the song THAT much easier to make LOL. Either way, enjoy and relate…I really hope no one had to go through the HELL that I mention in this song, but I know a lot of you have, so put a lighter in the air and vibe with me on this one, much love. Peace & Hip-Hop.

Lyriciss also sends photos with his songs. I never use the photo he sends. This time, I will. But next time I will go back to posting crazy pics from his MySpace. *wink*

Listen: Lyriciss-Blue Collar Chronicles