First, some words from the artist:
Happy New Year, people!!!
It’s officially a new the start of a new 365-degree orbit of our planet.
Oh, and we are officially (hopefully) less than 30 days away from the release of my newest mixtape, The Day Job, dropping on February 3rd.
To start getting ears ready for what’s coming (I know there’s supposed to be a “pause” or “no homo” there, but man…I’m too tired of that phrase lol), I’m giving y’all two new tracks.
The last few tracks I dropped were on the conceptual side, so I brought it back to the lyrical exercise, the punchlines, etc.
You might have heard me on the “Failure” instrumental before, but uh…definitely added some more on there this go-round.
And I decided to bless a beat by the late great J. Dilla…anybody who isn’t familiar with him, you should at least recognize the beat if you’ve heard Kid Cudi.
Anyway…enjoy the tracks, post away, and feel free to contact me.
It’s going to be a good year, joe…

Listen: Lyriciss-Failure 2.0

Listen: Lyriciss-Wild