DeLorean Music Group, Equinox Professionals, & Aplomb Clothing Present…
The Day Job
Mixed By Qaptain Kwess

1. Voice Of The Metro (Intro) [prod. Arafat Yates of M1 Platoon]2. Welcome To Me [prod. Equinox Professionals]3. Go Hard (f./X.O. & Pro’Verb) [prod. AB The Producer]4. Doin My Job [prod. David E. Beats]5. Put Ya Hands Up! (f./Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy)
6. DMG (f./Cayan)
7. Like Me (f./Theo)
8. Bring It Back (f./Pro’Verb & Deron) [prod. Equinox Professionals]9. The Baddest Chick (f./Pro’Verb & Orlando) [prod. Equinox Professionals]10. Wild (Dilla Dope!)
11. The Nigga Moment (f./Pro’Verb & NandoMcFlyy.) [prod. Equinox Professionals]12. All I Need [prod. G-Way]13. Failure 2.0
14. The Rapture (f./Pro’Verb) [prod. Equinox Professionals]15. 2 Sick (f./RAtheMC) [prod. Cap City]16. Universal Mind Control
17. Billy The Kid Interlude [prod. J-Scrilla]18. Misunderstood (The Explanation)
19. Dollars
20. Blue Collar Chronicles [prod. David E. Beats]21. DMV It Ain’t Hard To Tell (w./Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy)
22. The Willie Lynch Chip (Self-Hate)

Download: Lyricss-The Day Job