First, a word from the man:
Whats good peoples its me again..I been on the low just grinding working on my craft trying to get everything right including my mind..the grind is what it is a grind and nothing is given it can be taken but not taken advantage of so yea im just trying to be at my best..I got alot of music out there and would like some feedback i got some i made correction or well i fixed what i thought i had yea if you could take some time out of your busy lives and get to know me as an artist ihave alot of music available on the internet for free download i would appreciate all the comments and all the love and support thanks peace.Im ready to collab with wom ever is dedicated and situated,Oh yea This mixtape was done right after black friday 2008 just trying to stay busy and keep my name out here you have it–The Man Himself-Mecca Mix–a lil of them with a twist of me enjoy!

Download: M.E.C.C.A.-The Man Himself Mixtatpe