Hey, why not. From Sunday’s Washington Post:

Metro Transit Police are considering adding a way for train and bus riders to report crimes by sending text messages from BlackBerrys and cellphones, officials said.

Text-messaging would not replace the methods Metro advises customers to use: calling the Transit Police telephone number or alerting train operators or other Metro employees. But text-messaging tips, used by a growing number of police departments, would save time and allay the fear of retaliation many riders have when alerting bus drivers and train operators to criminal activity.

Train riders, for example, often say they are too intimidated by rowdy teenagers to report disruptive behavior to police.

“If a patron is concerned about his or her safety by getting up and going to the intercom box [in rail cars], then possibly sending a text message to Transit Police would take some of that concern away,” Metro Transit Police Chief Michael Taborn said. He described the planned addition of text-messaging as “just another tool in our toolbox to reach out to the public.”