Lovely. Now to just find people besides Mo that actually FREESTYLE. If you freestyle FOR REAL, get at me.

1. Freestyle
2. No Sensitive Thugs/Emotional Rappers
3. Flip Bars
4. Laugh
5. Stay on offense
6. Be aware of your surroundings
7. Feed off the crowd
8. Listen
9. Honesty Policy
10. ‘Phors & Punches
11. Current events
12. Personal
13. Rhyme scheme
14. Delivery
15. Humor
16. Background

Ok! First off, FREESTYLE means off the top/
So if you spittin nouns, that’s written down it seems you outta stop/
The next rule is simply NO SENSTIVE THUGS/
EMOTIONAL RAPPERS acting like women in love/
Cuz, if ya opponent spits hard, just remember FLIP BARS/
Anything you say can and will be used, in a diss spar/
So keep it real, speak foreal, be a stand up guy/
Have fun and LAUGH, make a pun of his a$$, be a stand up guy/
This commodity is comedy in rhyming sessions/
STAY ON OFFENSE just like football it’s all about time of possession/
BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS surrounding a battle/
Speak on, what you see going on ‘round when you babble/
That way it’s visual for each individual too see, often loud…/
When they react, making it easy to react and FEED OFF THE CROWD/
LISTEN!!!!!! I Can’t stress this enough, hearing is imperative/
Your death is definitely a definite, if you act deaf or hearing impaired that is/
Now obviously modesty doesn’t work in the dozens/
But the HONESTY POLICY brings worth to ya substance/
Don’t talk guns and fist fights, then more 4’s & punches/
And don’t serve yay in ya wordplay, then say its just ‘phors & punches/
Your encouraged to vent, but don’t say something they know wont happen/
Use CURRENT EVENTS something they already know happened/
Compare yaself to a hurricane, or something that hits homes/
Cause you wanna hit home, on their PERSONAL life if any of it’s known/
Now the next thing to import? The all important RHYME SCHEME/
Its makes ya poems hotter than informants that inform at a crime scene/
Cringe at cautious, cause wins and loses are determined by DELIVERY/
The reps you flow, let’s you know whose determined, seriously!/
Time to clean the mess, your deemed the best unless it’s a hood rumor/
Show ‘em why they love you in the hood, bring out the good HUMOR/
An if you want participation then the BACKGROUNDs’ an extra…/
Bar situation based on the crowd being black, brown, et cetera/

Well 16 techniques, obviously twice as many bars of explanation. Hope you enjoyed!
Now on to the actual definition behind each concept if you really want to fully understand.

Speaking from a fans standpoint, I feel the real talent is exhibited in a “freestyle” (meaning off the top of the head). Personally I think a battle with writing rhymes is a waste of time. If you want to write then you should be recording songs, period!
No Sensitive Thugs/Emotional Rappers
Don’t get all Carl Thomas in a battle because as soon as you get :::emotional:::::: you lose your focus. Then you begin to just curse unnecessarily, saying absolutely nothing at all. You start getting violent in your lines which can lead to a fight, which defeats the purpose of a battle. Let’s keep it hip hop people.
Flip Bars
This is a direct way to channel those emotions and the momentum. If someone hits you with a good line and the crowd is laughing at ya, SO WHAT. You laugh too give them their credit (it makes the opponent respect you, even if it isn’t written on their face. TRUST ME!) You have to use their skill against them, stay on the topic that has everyone laughing and rebuttal it will shift the pendulum back in your favor.
While your rapping, don’t be mugging’ and looking upset have fun laugh at your opposition (that puts fear in them). That shows you taking them for a joke, it gets them in their feelings an it also causes a chain reaction if your laughing and having fun then so will the crowd. An it also keeps you relaxed an at ease, an as long as your poised your thought are clearer.
Stay on Offense
Just keep attacking, no need to justify something the other mc said about you. Even if its an extension of the truth, you talk about them and shift the laughter to them. It just like boxing you wont win a fight by blocking the whole fight you have to throw some punch(lines).
Be aware of your surroundings:
Know what’s going on around you, fuse it into your battle by speaking on things that are presently occurring the crowd can testify that your freestyling. If you make mention in your battle to something that is across the street and don’t point it out. At some point someone will turn around or see it then wont be able to keep it to their self. They’ll tap someone and say “son remember that line about…….? aye man look across the street” They’ll react aloud you’ll hear it then that’s when you …..
Feed of the crowd
Use their excitement as adrenaline, when they catch a line you referred to earlier then you go back to it. Doesn’t matter if its a direct diss to the opponent or not. By giving the crowd something they can relate to their now caught up in your talent. And you have achieved one of your challenges by taking the crowds mind completely off of your opponent.
Listen to everything your competions said, this will enable you to flip hotlines. Listen for crowd reaction to your own lines and make a note of those types of lines so you can use more of them.
Honesty Policy
Ill tell you why this is the best policy, simply cause the more believable your lines are. The more the crowd will believe everything you say about your opposition even if you embellish slightly. Then it turns into gossip, and who doesn’t like gossip? The crowd will be wondering if it’s true the whole time your opponent is replying, especially if they attempt to defend their self. (Which is why you stay offensive, right?…hmmm I might know what I’m talking bout huh?)
‘Phors & Punches:
This is what the crowd wants to hear, it’s so needed to win a battle. To embarrass the competition to leave no doubt. This bars will reflect the more wittier emcee and for the most part determine the battle coupled with the other steps I’m sharing with you. You gotta say the most outrageous things that make sense.
Current Events
Talk about politics, crime, anything that is on peoples minds. Anything the listeners may feel strongly about (i.e…gas prices or salmonella).
If you know the person your battling say something personal that they may only get. This purpose of this is to take them off their game. Now they” want to do the same thing you’ve done which takes them off their game plan an away from their strategy. Also makes them want to defend themselves again keeping them away from being offensive.
Rhyme Scheme
This is just something you have to practice, no one expects a freestyle to sounds the exact way you sound after recording (if it does your either the greatest or as NAS once said: It was Written) the listeners aren’t going to get every line every time at least not right away so you have to keep them interested by rhyming on beat.
The delivery has to do with your energy, your gestures, facial expressions an all that. You can say a line that isn’t even that great but bring it out by making it visual, or putting emphasis on certain words.
Got to be funny, you want the crowd to laugh that breaks the sprits of the competition. And gives you a chance to take breaks from the punchlines and metaphors. You can point out something the opponent is wearing, how they are standing, anything material. As long as you got the crowd laughing your in the drivers seat.
Know whose around, give the crowd lines they can relate to. Make punchlines based on race, sex, religion etc…your rhymes have to be as diverse as the crowd. Is you don’t want to talk about things that the listeners don’t know about.