A lot of folks are buzzing about the fire at Rose’s Dream. Mainly because I hosted an open mic there on Mondays (which has now moved to The Expo off 9th street in the U Street corridor). Anywho, I feel I should tell the story, cuz I was DJing the night of the fire.

I’m the regular DJ there every Friday night at Rose’s Dream. It was going on 1am, and I was getting into playing all the power club joints (DJs know what I mean). I just went from Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied” to “Single Ladies” and was playing “Diva” when I started smelling something burning. I’m thinking it’s come from the DJ booth, so I stop the music and get on the mic and let the crowd know that I’m stopping the music cuz it’s a burning smell in the DJ booth, and I want to find out where it’s coming from. One of the workers at the club checks the bathrooms, and says the smoke was coming from the bathroom, but everything is cool. So I start “Diva” back from the beginning, but like a minute later one of the bouncers comes running from downstairs saying “Upstairs is on fire! Everyone get out!”

As a DJ, the first thing on my mind is “My shit costs too much, I’m not leaving without my equipment!” lol I pack up my laptop and hard drive first, and pass it off to my friend that was hanging out with me. I tell her “Go!! Just go!” Next I start packing up my turntables, Serato hardware, mics, etc. As I’m doing this, smoke is pouring onto the dance level from upstairs. Again, as a DJ, I’m not leaving without my shit lol. The happy hour DJ helped me carry my stuff out, and we’re all across the street in front of the Salvation Army. Smoke is pouring out the top of the club, and you can see the glow from the fire. About 5 fire trucks came from different departments. The joint around the corner, Shaw, Capitol Hill. It was crazy.

So most of us think that the fire department puts out the fire and that’s it. Nope. Not the case. They had to damn near gut out the building. They bust out the windows. Tore up the ceiling. Tore down walls. It was craaaaaaaazy!!! Most important thing, no one got hurt. I believe the fire was electrical, that’s why they had to tear up the walls and ceilings. That’s done to make sure no other wires are burning. The majority of the damage came from that, and not the fire itself.

And no more jokes about my name and what happened to the club. I’ve heard it all. lol

Pics I took from that night: