lyricissBack for the first time…ok, ok, it’s really the second time, but ever since Luda dropped his second album (his first was the independent and rare “Incognegro”, for those that aren’t quite in-the-know on that one), I’ve wanted to use that phrase. So as I return to conclude my chapter in this series, I have to tell you…my grind is what has actually been keeping me from getting this article done. Heat can tell you, you were all supposed to see this a week ago, but thanks to a Gmail conspiracy that I’m sure the ancient Templars planned centuries ago, I lost the article in my drafts. Not to mention, I’ve been busy all week with the recent release of my new mixtape, The Practice. So now…the conclusion of none other than…my grind…not literally though…I’m going to be here for a while…

Now as an artist releasing a new project, we all know the possibility of everything going…well…wrong. It’s happened and we’ve seen it…Lil Wayne releasing his Rebirth album early through Amazon (who would spend money on that album, I have no idea, but…whatever)…Wale being undershipped by Interscope…you know how it goes. Luckily, things weren’t too bad in my case…minus a small change on the front cover and placing the bulk of online distribution upon myself since me and my PR decided to part ways in business. I literally got the new cover submitted JUST in time…2 hours before the tape dropped online. We jumped right into it on the 26th…the tape was up shortly after midnight, literally starting the day with pushing my project. Considering that my last tape stalled at around 2,000+ downloads after a few months, I’m proud to say that in less than week, we’re nearing 1,000 downloads already, which is great numbers since I’m really not known as much as other names in hip-hop, even in the DMV, which strong backing. I’m standing kind of alone at the moment, with play in part from my teams, and the ears are catching on…I can’t ask for much more than that. By the way…hard copies of the mixtape shall invade the DMV, Philly, NYC, and any other areas I visit VERY shortly. Sooner than you think, really.

So, you drop your mixtape, you get your downloads, you pass them out…what do you do after that? That depends on what your goals are as an artist and what you’re capable of. I won’t get into too many detalls, but I’ll put it like this…if you hear about me being on a tour soon, don’t be surprised…the planning is underway, things just aren’t set in stone yet. Then after multiple interviews and other avenues to promote the mixtape…well…me? Personally? I’m already back in the studio working on my next project. So for those wondering about the grind, and more specifically, my grind, this is really just a small peek at my life…it gets much more complex, but I’m not going to write a whole book for Heat. It’s my birthday, for Pete’s sake! So all my artists out there, no matter what you do…keep grinding. If you need to contact me, the info is below.

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