Shame on me. I attended the Velocity Magazine Awards 2 Saturdays ago, and I’m just now getting to tell about it. It was a wonderful night. Everyone looked SPECTACULAR!!! I kept comparing it to the NAACP Awards. lol It truly was ran like the awards shows that you see on television. I mean, people were looking SHARP!!! Host April Watts made a GRAND entrance by rising up from the bottom of the stage. Wow!!! People came from as far away as Chicago, which says a lot about Velocity Magazine’s presence across the globe. I can go on and on, but check out the videos below. ESPECIALLY the ODD performance from Hottie of VH1 reality show fame.

Velocity Magazine Awards 2008 from Vin Hoffa on Vimeo.

Velocity Magazine Awards 2008 from DC SuperSid on Vimeo.