Every month, I’m going to reach out to an artist to chronicle their music hustle and grind.  For the January highlight, I reached out to Lyriciss. To be so young, the lil homie has been through a lot and recently moved out the DMV. So without further ado, here is Lyriciss letting you know about his musical grind.


Hello, world…DMV, Philly, NYC, and beyond. Big sis DJ Heat hit me up with the idea of putting together somewhat of a diary to speak on “grind”. At first, I thought it’d be the easiest thing in the world, but as I sit here ready to type it up…I realized how complex this can be. Let’s be honest…everyone says they’re grinding. When it boils down to it, though, not many are grinding to their full potential, I feel. I don’t feel like that’s for lack of drive, but maybe lack of knowledge on how to do so effectively. I’m in no way perfect with it either…as you can see, I’m not TOO much deeper into the game than most of my DMV brethren. It’s all about being effective with it though…what makes your grind different than others? What’s going to get that UNIQUE eye and ear to you, rather than the same fan base you already have established? What’s going to pull new fans? So for example that some can choose to follow, let me invite you to the life of Lyriciss…

Being that my grind has quieted down to strictly internet promotion while I’ve been in Philly for a couple weeks, I’ll fill you in on my last week in the DMV, as it was one of my busiest yet. I had to basically finish recording and mixing for my new mixtape, The Practice (dropping January 26th…shameless plug), prepare for my going-away show at Bohemian Caverns, promote a new track I had just leaked to the internet, plus finish verses for collabs, not to mention, still look up new non-commercial radio stations to send music to overseas. That means literally sleeping at Noxville (the in-house studio for my production team, EQuinox Professionals), writing and going over ideas, while doing personal show rehearsals by myself to prepare for the final show. If you’re on Twitter, I’m sure you’re aware that on my average day, i spend about 19-21 hours awake. That’s because I do the majority of everything in my career myself. I have no manager. I have a publicist, but due to relationships I had with bloggers and websites before she was my publicist (and the fact that some bloggers tend to be assholes and block any unrecognized email addresses), I send out my own email blasts. I tend not to rely on anyone else at this point, and honestly, I feel like NO artist should rely on other people, as it’s the quickest way to lose all control of your own situation. If you take a loss, might as well be on your own hands…you can regroup easier.
The biggest part of grinding is to always aim for higher, yet stay grounded on your foundation. Keep supporting these local blogs like DCMumboSauce, IllVibes-DMV, ForTheDMVOnly, DMVUnplugged, DDotOmen, DMVixen, etc., but start looking for the bigger sites too, while still sending music to the hometown sites. I email over 50 blogs and websites whenever I drop a new track or video. DJBooth, 2dopeboyz, illRoots, RubyHornet…they all support if the music is dope. Start looking for these bigger sites and getting your name out to the world. The more people outside of this area that hear you, the more fans you can pull outside of this area, leading to shows and interviews outside of the area, and it falls into a domino effect. Start to reach these international connects and get your music heard out there so you can perform and earn money. The grind is more than open mics and selling tapes out the trunk. Best believe, I’m here for any artists in the DMV that need help when I’m free. Feel free to contact and I can give the advice that I have. My new location is nothing but taking the success from the DMV to beyond, just to bring it back to the DMV. Now, that…is the grind. Peace & Hip-Hop.