From time to time, I’m gonna post some releases from my Noize Mob, Team AFFicial, and Slip n Slide Records family outside the DMV. Just like I support ya’ll, I gotta support my fam as well. This came from my Noize Mob brother Simon Sez out west. A artist he’s working with named Noah James. Just like me, he doesn’t attach his name to any bullshit. So check it out. Some heavy bangers on here.

1.Intro (Produced by DJ SimonSeZ)
2.Came Too Far (Prod. P Dot)
3.Thats It (Prod. Jimi Kendrix)
4.Load Up The Cannon
5.No Easy Way Out (Prod. Metro Beats)
6.Be A Millionaire (Prod. Jimi Kendrix)
7.Come On Baby
8.The Torch Feat. Donedeal & Self (Prod. P Dot)
9.Haters Gonna Like That
10.Just Wanna Fuck U (Prod. S Original)
11.Doe Boys
12.Here We Are Feat. Kali & Styles P (Prod. P Dot)
13.Rockin’ With Da G.O.A.T
14.King Gon Come
15.Cant Take Nothin From Me (Prod. Concept)
16.Time Of My Life (Prod. Track Bangers)
17.On The Mic
18.Bring Out The Beast Feat. Young Mel (Prod. Kashmir)
19.We The Best [I](Prod. Metro Beats)
21.Rider Part 2
22.Any Means Necessary
***Bonus Track-Stripper Feat. Tone P (Prod. C Ballin)

Listen To the whole thing on one track:
Noah Jones-The Hood Needs A Hero

Download Full Mixtape with Separate Tracks:
Noah Jones-The Hood Needs A Hero