If you you never read one of his interviews with himself, peep:

Nu’ The Mayor’s “year end” interview (he asks and answers ALL questions). He speaks on 2008, voting for the first black President, losing his life coach and mentor, the G.O.V. Break up, going solo and his new CD “Inauguration Day:The Next Beginning”, and the constant name changes. Part 1 of 2

Question: The say adversity defines the man. Is the definition of adversity: Nu’ The Mayor?

Answer: lol, maybe…nah I’m the definition of resilience. I keep coming back. I ain’t goin nowhere til I say.

Q. This has been a wild year for you. Let’s start with Obama. He really won.

A. Yeah he did. I thought that was crazy. I was at the homie Intrigue house celebrating his bday and watching MS NBC and when i saw Obama had the electoral votes he needed I went OFF!!! I was with some young dudes who couldn’t really grasp the magnitude of it all b.u.t. i let knowledge be born and by schooling them i saw how huge it really was. I can barely fathom it still. It’s beautiful and unbelievable.

Q. I know this was a big year for change and loss. How have you coped?

A. This shyt is unconscionable. A week after my bday I lost my father figure, my mentor. I wish he was here to give me advice and tell me what to do in certain situations. I kicked everybody off my label. I would have loved to run that idea by him first…lol..nah i don’t have any regrets. The business staff wasn’t doing what they were suppose to be and it had to be done. I need a Dame Dash somebody who is gonna be focused on turning G.A.M.E. Music Group into a viable commodity in the entertainment industry. I never had that, i did not have that so they were expendable.

Q. What about the artist you kicked off the label? Well what about The G.O.V.?

A. We started 2008 so great…lol…we were finishing up filming our movie, and soundtrack, and then I felt it was best if we made a separation between the music and the friendship. That was the initial break up then all the drama went down and that was that. My new CD, i think Intrigue is on 4 tracks and I’m on 3 tracks on his CD. So the fam is still in tact. G.O.V. is still alive and well. Just got rid of the weak links. You have to do that. Disloyalty can leave you homeless, betrayed or in the damn grave. I can’t trust people who insecure. That’s my new turn off. I cant be your friend, your boyfriend your nothing if u insecure. I despise insecurity. It’s too dangerous.

Q. What do you mean?

A. If you not secure when u stand next to me then if someone speaks to me and not you you feel a way about it. If we do a interview on TV and everybody’s part gets cut out but mine then you feel a way about it. Messed up part about it is that you feel that way towards ME when its out of my control. Anybody that’s been reading my interviews know i always showed love to my group members. B.u.t. that’s just one of the knives in my back from showing love to a bitch nigga. I look at it as the tuition to the university of “don’t fuck with suckas”. It’s cool.

Q. What’s the vibe on Inauguration Day CD?

A. It’s dark. It’s smooth, laid back, hardcore and uncompromising. I speak my mind and say it in its most raw form. It’s not a CD for kids. My sound is mature my subject matter is R rated, maybe NC 17. It’s sexual, it’s frank, and it’s unapologetic. I wrote this CD in the months I lost my life coach, i was beefing with my closest road dog, partying at Ibiza, hustling trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents and i was drunk as shit during this period. lol so it’s more 2pac “Me Against The World” than Common “Be”. It’s dark, man. I wrote that CD in hell. So you know…its pain in it and its fun. I talk a lot about getting drunk, partyin and having sex. lol sounds like a great life huh? Those are my vices to ease the pain.

Q. So i take it you still sharing your life with us. B.u.t. is it still Soul Hop sounding or…

A. Yeah all day. Soul Hop is a evolutionary term, it’s still in its infancy. I thought i wanted weird alternative music to be the landscape. Now i want more of a variation: weird alternate soul music, neo soul, and hardcore funk. So you mix all that up and you get the beats i have on my CD. The subject matter is what i said earlier: get money, get drunk, party, fuck, and sometimes take a break from it all..and mourn when you lose somebody. I had a girl tell me “all you rap about is getting money, 5 percenter stuff and having sex” I think she over simplified it b.u.t. jive… i mean this CD might be Detox, the Chronic 3. If you like a Dr. Dre CD then that’s the vibe I’m on. Like a Devin The Dude except i got some battle rapper in me so i like to show off my punch lines and my different flows. Imagine a Dr. Dre CD if Lil Wayne wrote all the songs. haha!!! yeah ima use that as my new advertisement…lol…

Q. Why the hell do you keep changing your rap name?

A. I have like 10 different names because i have 10 different personalities. Think about it. I interview myself and then send it out to all y’all. I sit at a computer and ask my self questions then answer them. Yoo Hoo!!!! I’m crazy! lol… sike nah…at this point I’m going with “Nu’ The Mayor” because 60% of the people who know me or have heard of me on any level music or personal know me as Mayor and the rest know me as Nu’. It’s the most identifiable moniker i can have. My aunts and uncles call me Nu’. My boss at work knows me as The Mayor. I got a big azz tat on my arm that says MAYOR. ya dig?

part 2 coming soon…