Almost two years ago Scarface said that he was giving up the game. The release of his album “Made” pretty much canceled out that statement … until now.

“This is it for me,” Face told “That should end it right here. I ain’t making it my last album. I’m moving on to some different sh*t. It ain’t my last album I’m gonna be a part of. You never know what’s next for me. I might go into making one of them rock bands.”

Scarface, “Emeritus,” man,” he went on to say. “I’m always gonna be a part of the industry. I may just not be a part of the music industry as Scarface. Maybe I don’t know. I ain’t saying nothing.”

Apparently, emeritus means retired with honor. But when questioned further about ending his rap career, Face reportedly evaded a direct answer.

“I’m not gonna say that,” he said. “I’m gonna say Scarface, “Emeritus.” As time goes on, you will understand it.”

Although his “Emeritus” cd has yet to have a release date, the MC is busy supporting, a new site designed to assist new artists in the grueling battle to be recognized.

“Every time I’m out on the road, everywhere I go, somebody got a demo for me,” Face explained. “Somebody’s gonna get caught with their music somewhere. It’s not myspace, youtube, or iTunes, it’s all creative motherf*ckers in one, man. You can post your own sh*t. You can audition musicians. You can audition singers. You wanna buy an MPC, you got pro tools for sale, there’s a classified section for sh*t like that.”

props to: YoRaps