Progressive Movements presents The D.M.V. Youth Scouts Charity Event

Hello, my name is John Matthis and I am the A&R Manager for the D.M.V. Youth Scouts

Charity Event. I am currently seeking musical talent for a charity fundraiser showcase dedicated

to local youth within the DMV Area. I have been coordinating this event alongside my team

members at Progressive Movements since early March 2009. We are looking forward to hosting

this youth event during the month of June 2009. The purpose of this event is aimed at bringing

all residents together to celebrate our youth in a positive atmosphere that will inspire and

promote success through music and networking.

If you’re interested in participating as a performing act, please submit your music or


via email to:

or postal mail at:

D.M.V. Youth Scouts

Attn: A&R Department

P.O. Box 535

Greenbelt, Maryland 20768

Musical artists must understand that submitting materials does not guaranteed a spot to perform

at this event as we screen all tracks for explicit content and vulgar language. Bottom line, your

music has to be of ‘good quality and content’ for the kids.

I would like to also extend this invite to other acts (i.e. dancers, musicians, poets, etc.) to provide

their materials for consideration as well.

In addition, for those that would like to donate their time and expertise to make this event a

success would be much appreciated. Photographers, caterers, motivational speakers, and so forth

are more than welcome to participate.

All submissions must include your contact information so I can notify you if you have been

chosen to perform at our event.

Thanks for your consideration.

John Matthis

A&R/Talent Scout