Northern VA’s own, PHZ-Sicks drops his mixtape, ‘The Feature Presentation.” The Feature Presentation is a 19 track mixtape including PHZ-Sicks rhyming on songs from the past, present, and unreleased. “I just wanted to give people a sense of what type of artist I am. The music I listen to and what I wouldn’t mind hearing on the radio. This mixtape is if I ran the radio and remixed it. Commercial with substance.” The mixtape also features original tracks like “Universal Monster” and “The Preview”, produced by Detroit’s own, Black Milk and Melo-X. So take a seat, get your popcorn ready and enjoy THE FEATURE PRESENTATION.

1. Take Your Seats
2. The Preview (Prod. by Melo-X)
3. Take on Me feat. Zo! & Tigallo w/ Carlitta Durdan
4. Mrs. Officer feat. Bobby Valentino
5. In The Car
6. So Real feat. Will.I.Am
7. I’ll Be In The Sky feat. B.o.B.
8. Sunday Morning feat. K-Os
9. Work feat. Ciara
10. Jumping Out The Window feat. Ron Browz
11. Universal Monster (Prod. by Black Milk)
12. Yes!
13. Set The Mood feat. Justin Timberlake
14. Jazi Belle
15. Too Beautiful feat. Aaliyah
16. Guide You
17. Rule The World feat. Coldplay
18. I Wanna Thank You feat. Alicia Meyers
19. Exit:TFP Enter:LTZ

Download: PHZ-Sicks – The Feature Presentation Mixtape