King of the Beltway 2

Inner Loop Records, Producers Swap Meet, and BetaRaz Entertainment


Jammin’ Java (227 Maple Ave., Vienna, VA)

Studioapp, MP3Waxx, Fusicology, Gyant Unplugged, Record Breakers, In The Know Seminars.

-$300 Cash.

-In The Know Seminars will give 2 free webinars to the winner.

www.gyantunplugged.com will do a feature and interview on the winner.

-Record Breakers will have the winner’s song filtered through their systems. They have offered the winner automatic submission into the first Records Breakers held after 5/29 which will be on 6/25.

-StudioApp is a company that has created an application for iPhones that allows their users to record lyrics over beats that StudioApp provides. They have offered to upload the winning producer’s beats (with appropriate credits) to their application, which will give their tracks more exposure and create opportunities for them to work with other artists.

-www.mp3waxx song email blast to winner.

-Featured in Inner Loop’s next Beatdown event.

www.innerloopuncut.com will interview and feature the winner.

Producers Info:
If you are a producer interested in entering the KOTB2 please send and email with:
1 Beat, a photo, and all contact information to battle@innerlooprecords.com.

Submission Fee:
Submit $25 to the PayPal link.