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From Vages, CEO of Rock Bottom Music Group:

Back in August of 2009 we were informed by MTV that the video for Lady A’s song “May Sound Crazy” ft RaTheMC was accepted. We were under the impression that we were going to receive a notification with the air date, but we never did. After many phone call, email attempts and faxes we figured we got lost in the “matrix” so to speak.

Recently an associate of mine googled “Lady A May Sound Crazy” and found that the video had been posted to the and the website back in September. There is even record that they sent a tweet out 9/22/09 informing about the video.

Everything happens for a reason and now is the time for the world to hear the message in this song. After the recent devastation in Haiti the lyrics to “May Sound Crazy” are very fitting and relevant. The song is a message of hope and that is what is needed during these times. “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” We made this video ( that has information about where you can help Haiti and stay updated with the current developments.

This is where RaTheMC and Lady A need your help! Tuma Basa is the person who programs MTV Jams and we need him to put the video in rotation right now so that it will spread positivity to help people cope with all the negativity going on with the war, the  economy, job loss, Haiti, etc. We ask that you retweet this message:

@mtvjams the world needs “May Sound Crazy” by Lady A to go into rotation on MTV JAMS! Hope & positivity needs to be expressed during these times and this video has it!

Our goal is to get as many people as possible to tweet and retweet this message so that 1) more artists from the DMV will have exposure to a national audience on MTV Jams 2) female emcees, besides Nicki Minaj, will be seen by a national audience 3) to show that music still has substance and 4) to spread positivity to the world during this period of despair.

There is also a cameo from XO in the video which just helps the DMV as well, because he has some good things in the works and the more times his face is on TV the better. The more times anyone from the DMV is on TV the better.

This is a good look for RaTheMC and Lady A. There is great power in twitter! Retweet the message above and see it work!

Thank you for your continued support!
watch the video directed by Tabi Bonney here: