I wanted to send you a song with a particular concept involved to it for lyrical dexterity. It was made before Lupe Fiasco’s album about 3 years ago, but I’m bringing it back.

The concept is that as a people of this new generation, we strive for success and we correlate that in our language in terms relating to food. In that, we use food terms in our language to signify it as a tool for success, as if it is a twisted way of displaying “nourishment” once attained. However, when one develops an overindulgence in food in both cases, it could lead to dangerous consequences. The first verse is about the pros and cons of money. The second verse is about having a trophy wife or significant other, and how that could lead to trouble. The final verse speaks about the American government system, whereas it is good to believe in it, but too much dependence on it without taking responsibility for your actions, including the people around you, can lead to anarchy. So I ask you, I know that you’re eating good, but how much is it good for you?

I hope I cleared this up well. Thank you for your time!

Listen: Redhead-Food For Thought