Some words from the man:
Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile since I came with new music, but it was basically because of actually grouping together things going on with my life as well as my well-being. Now I’m cool for the most part, and I’m back to entertain you all. This is a mixtape called “17 Random Things About Me”…just like your stupid lists you guys post, it makes no sense. It is unapologetically random, just like the video blogs. There’s no “OMG I Love Obama” records. There’s no “Girl I love you, it ain’t tricking if you got it EVEN THOUGH IT IS” type records. There’s no “I can’t sing so I’ll use the T-Pain voice to make myself fly” joints. Nah, you’ll hear me singing off key, you’ll hear me rapping about jumping into television sets and being on the shows, chiming kids to go to the Neverland Ranch, doing records I don’t normally do, and an assortment of other odd, random things. A few punchlines/wordplay couldn’t hurt either. The tape also includes a short video of footage from some of the recording sessions! Not bad, huh?

Download: Redhead-Steady Building Volume 1