By The DMV Historian:

This Thanksgiving, a lot of DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) talent will sit down and give thanks for the opportunities their artistry is granting them. On November 13th, 2009 at Jammin Java located in Vienna, VA, folks came from all over the DMV, to support headliners K-Beta, XO, and Kingpen Slim at the kick-off of the Capitol City Music Tour.

DJ J Buttah was the lead DJ for the night and gave the people artists like Scarface and Rakim. Folks joked around, nodded their heads, danced, laid back, bought drinks, and networked before the show.

Strange Music artist, RA the MC, sparked the flame as she took the stage and had folks rocking instantly. After she delivered a set as future-vintage as her style of dress, J-Scrilla called Whitefolkz to the stage and he ignited a flame of playboy entertainment.

Other performances prior to the headliners: Phil Ade (368 Music Group), Frayz (Midieast), Bear Witnez (YM Music), and lastly Gordo who performed in place of his Studio 43 label mate, XO, who had a show in Pennsylvania with his group Diamond District.

Kingpen Slim started his set, beaming up “Powder for the Babies” A Capella style. Alongside Kingpen Slim was P-Stew, the host of the Capital City kickoff, and he passed out copies of Clark Kent is the Capital City Kingpen, a mix-tape released that same day, from his legendary duffel bag.

Prior to K-Beta taking the stage, Laelohood and Muggsy Malone, spit a few bars for the audience. Then Beta began by giving thanks to the audience and saying he’s gonna make their support worth their time. He goes into a call and answer with the audience saying, “Inner Loop rolls thick, and we suck no ____.” He wasn’t lying because by the time he got half-way through his performance, the stage was filled with Inner Loop artists and execs.

The show was extended for special guest, Lola Monroe, and she expressed her feelings about the DMV to the audience, “We got next!…The Capitol City Music Tour is the beginning of a new movement.”

So, if you appreciate the work that DMV artists are putting out, then the Capitol City Music tour is the place to experience it live and direct. Get a Pre-Thanksgiving meal for the soul at the Capitol City Music Tour/Beatdown at Liv this Wednesday night.

The show will feature producers Dunc, E-Minah, AB the Producer, SlimKat78, and DJ J Buttah. They will perform along with rappers XO, Kingpen Slim, K-Beta and Lola Monroe. How the producers and rappers will exhibit their artistry, has yet to be announced. But, it will without a doubt, be such a solid show that folks will continue talking/Tweeting about it well into the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions game. Historic: Thanksgiving 2009.

-The Historian