One day I will get my shoes. But I still love the area Greedy Genius fam. lol

“Welcome to the new and improved!!!!

The new site has a bunch of features, for starter’s check the all new SHOP and the BLOG’S. Yes, we are now officially on “blog status” meaning …from now on we will give you a step by step, play by play of how and what we do to achieve greatness in the wide world of fashion & footwear. We will do our best to give you an up to date look at the inside of independent lifestyle company fighting battles and making alliances with the biggest, most powerful brands, companies and heathen’s in the world. Stay tuned cuz it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!!

Check out the SHOP stocked with some of our latest editions of Greedy Genius footwear and apparel. While we don’t usually carry much stock we did put a few styles to the side to make available for the online community. $pring is on it’s way, will let you know when we update with new kicks!

Much more to come…..!!!