He sent this my way. It originally appeared on his blog, fresh-shaun.blogspot.com

What’s crankin? My name’s FRESH-SHAUN and here’s my blog fam
Understand DC!!!!!
All artists from DC have trouble breaking into the industry which is why there aren’t any mainstream artists. I feel the people dont understand DC let alone the Hip Hop DC scene. In lames terms, I describe DC being “real” to the T, meaning we don’t fake nothing if we don’t have the credentials. Example, in cali everybody where’s khakis mostly and tries to look like they got money. In DC we look like who we really are-lol If we don’t have money, we look like we don’t have money, if we’re a football player, we dress like a football player, if we’re a drug dealer or run the streets, we look like a drug dealer and look like we run the streets. That’s how real we are. There’s no faking and we don’t front around here and this is the pressure that my area has put on one another.

So what do ya’ll think, DMV? Do you agree with him?