Motivated by New Elected President Barak Obama’s ‘Change’ movement, the song was created to raise money for homeless relief aid in America. Officials from project stated the initial goal is to raise $20,000 for Street Sense, a Washington DC based homeless service provider. The long term goal is to create a homeless relief fund to aid other homeless publications that employ homeless individuals throughout the region.
Inspired in part by the success of other musical aid projects, such like “We are the World” and ‘Do They Know Its Christmas’, Roy Purdie of Just Asking created the concept for the song. After hosting homeless fund raising event late last year, Roy Purdie and Marlon ‘Marz’ Chambers of Sky Line Records decided to partner and record a song that would be an inspiration and provide tangible relief in the fight to end chronic homelessness.
Co-written and featuring Sonix of Sky Line Records and Wordsmith of Wordsmith Music, the song tells the story of the hardship of the homeless and the movement for change in today’s world. Part of the mission Street Sense is to create economic opportunities and hopefully provide a foundation for new and effective ways to address the nationwide issue. Charity is the soul of music and the group hopes their effort will bring more awareness and encourage others to gear up and help the homeless.
“Reach Back for Me” is currently available on The project will be independently released through various outlets in the coming weeks.

Listen: Sonix & Wordsmith-Reach Back for Me