01. Introduction By Billy Bee Whitums
02. R Luv Songs Gay? [Produced by Tonedeff] 03. Without You [Produced by Subtracktion] 04. The Love Song [Produced by Nujabes] 05. Eclipse [Produced by Nujabes] 06. Hikari [Produced by Nujabes] 07. Let Me Stay [Produced by T-Dot Da Kid] 08. Am I Dreamin’ feat. Nate Vibez [Produced by: Marcus D]**
09. It’s You (I Think) [Produced by Kno] 10. It’s You – Unknown Remix feat. Steph [Produced by The Unknown] 11. Potential feat. JsouL & Eric Roberson [Produced by JsouL] 12. Precious Love feat. Milka [Produced by DJ Deckstream] 13. Up Close & Personal feat. PackFM [Produced by Tonedeff] 14. She Wanna Roll with A Winner feat. Gods’Illa [Produced by Joe.D] 15. Peaches feat. Scavone, Doujah Raze, & Potta [Produced by The Resource] 16. U Can Get It [Produced by Algorythm] 17. Body Language feat. Powerful (of Gods’Illa) [Produced by: Kokayi]**
18. Make Love [Produced by ChewFu] 19. Can We [Produced by ChewFu] 20. The Bidness feat. Naturel & rnb
21. Freq’N‘U w/ Fresh Daily & rnb [Produced by Keeby] 22. The Jacket 3 feat. Steve Wallace [Produced by Studio Steve Wallace] 23. QT (Quality Time) [Produced by Final] 24. I’ll Be Back feat. Sweep [Produced by DJ Deckstream] 25. U Were There feat. JsouL [Produced by: Joe.D]**
26. [BONUS] Ugly Woman feat. Extended Famm [Produced by Kno]

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