Update: Everything has been worked out between us. Hugs and kisses to Draus and Wasteland.

So, I come home tonight from Rose’s Dream, and I log on to do my online rounds. On Facebook I notice that Draus’ status mentions something about people stealing his graphics. I leave a comment on it. Not knowing the full story of course, cuz it’s just a status update.

I then log onto MySpace, and see some bulletins from his group, Wasteland Mob.

I figure it has to deal with the situation that Draus touched on, so I open up the bulletin to read. What I read upset me greatly.

Click on the picture to see it in full. But here’s what it says for those of you that don’t want to click:
Mofuckas is stealing our graphics and usin them for their websites and shit. You can see our Wasteland/DMV Interstate sign logo on our mixtape CLEAR AS FUCKIN DAY.
We been distributin those StreetJack Mixtapes since the summer, now www. DMVHustlers. com website is using that same logo. YOU CAN EVEN SEE THE LOGO ON OUR PAGE.

If you thought of it out the blue (i doubt that), fine, but I know better. I thought that idea up myself and designed the damn graphic outta my head.

Truth be told, we knew people would take it, and we didn’t trademark it, but the same people using it don’t feature us on the websites, don’t show us any love, or acknowledge where they got the idea. They act like we haven’t sent them CDs. HELL, we got a picture of DJ Heat holding that very CD with the logo on it, back in September. If you look at her logo on that Website, her profile picture is that same graphic, but Wasteland Mob is nowhere to be found on her blogsite. Hmmmm? I dont know if thats a default graphic or not, but I know I put the CD in her hand myself, and took our presskit (with that graphic all over that bitch) up to WPGC my damn self and addressed it to Flexx and DJ Heat. Who runs that website anyway? This was back in August/September.

Mofuckas is SHIESTY out here. At least show us some respect (whoever runs that site). Do NOT take us lightly and that’s all Imma say.

Now you see why I am upset. It’s like they are accusing me of having something to do with the logo situation. Then through more frustration, they get upset for not having anything posted on here. I replied back to the post. Here is what I said:

First, I don’t know who runs this page, so I do not know who to address directly.

Now, I saw the status on Draus facebook about graphics being stolen, and I actually made a comment. To come online and see this is a bit unsettling. I feel like I’m being attacked, and I didn’t even do anything. I always take what I see as disrespect very hard, cuz I do nothing but show everyone respect.

If you’re not aware of the DMV Hustlers website, anyone who doesn’t upload a picture has that logo as their main picture. That is the default profile picture for everyone until they upload a pic.

Now, to say I’m nowhere to be found on my blogsite….That was brought up in an email before, and I replied back to it. I honestly thought I had put up what I received from ya’ll on the site. After searching, I see that I did not. I also mentioned in the email to send me stuff for it. However, I never got a reply to that email at all.

Overall, let me say this. Never act out quickly over anger and emotion. Again, I am very unsettled. And most of all saddened, because I feel like my character has been attacked. I give my ALL for the artists in this city. My life is consumed with doing stuff for this city. From my open mic on Mondays. To the showcase on Saturdays. To the Blogspot. To doing a TON of other stuff for the artists in the city that I don’t put out there, because I’m real humble with mine. If there was an issue, addresss me DIRECTLY and get the FACTS. Don’t put out a bulletin about stuff. That’s what these wack industry rappers do. Talking ABOUT someone without talking TO that someone. I still wish ya’ll all the best. I’ve been following Draus for years before I even made a name for myself in this city. But this way of doing things is highly unprofessional on ya’ll behalf. Good luck in all you do though. And I hope ya’ll learn to confront people directly about any issues you have with them, not post it all over the net. Especially when you don’t have the truth or facts, or didn’t even bother to ask the parties involved for the truth or facts.

As my title suggests, this is no way to handle situations in this music business. I’m not only upset that my great character is being questioned, but I’m upset at the fact that I was not addressed personally. Why send out a MySpace bulletin? Why post it on your MySpace blog, which they also did? Why not contact all the parties you have an issue with directly? I’m so upset, frustrated, and saddened all at the same time. I don’t take things like this very well. Especially since I do as much as I can for all of you. Bottom line…I’m hurt.

I’m not posting this to put them out there. Everything is already out there through their MySpace bulletins and blogs. I’m posting this as an example of how not to handle situations. If you have issues with someone, go to them directly. A lot of times things are just misunderstandings. I see this situation as one of them. Too bad this situation is really getting to me, and I will never be able to understand why the group went at me of all people. 🙁